Thursday, June 30, 2005

What is Internet marketing?

Build a real web site over time. Get people to link to you.

Pay per click.
Leverage keyword pay per click by using services like adwords.

Link Building and Link popularity.
Find like-minded individuals who you can trade links with. Try to get them a link to you and you will link to them in return. Primarily get them to link to you. Did I mention get them to link to you.

Paid inclusion.
What the heck, go ahead, pay your money and get in the index

XML feeds. Trusted feeds. Paid inclusion feeds.
Get lots of pages in the search engine using these feeds.

Google's XML feed.
Send a large number of pages to Google's new XML feed. This may also get you banned, but what the heck. I don't personally believe that this is a good idea, but I know a lot of people on the Internet are promoting it right now.

RSS XML feed
Find ways to insert your web site link into blog feeds. Get traffic to your web site by inserting your link into good content.

Comment on forums. Reference your web site. Use your web site in your signature to responses.

Comment on blogs. Reference your web site. Use your web site in your signature to responses.

Press releases
Toot, your own horn. Tell others about you and your products. Use press release services and send your press release to news and media outlets. Make sure you include a link to your web site. Links from credible sources to your web site will increase its popularity.

Write meaningful content and give it away to others so they can put it on their web site as long as they mention that you wrote the article and provide a link to your web site. Make sure you include a link to your web site. Links from credible sources to your web site will increase its popularity.

Get listed in the DMOZ and other directories

SEO copywriting.
Write good copy that reflects keywords you are trying to target.

Affiliate marketing.
Create your own affiliate marketing program. Have people link to your web site. Store their affiliate ID in a cookie. Use 301 redirects to redirect them to your homepage. Google will think a 301 redirect is a permanent link to your homepage

Sales letters.
Study great sales copy. Create a swap file. Swap swap swap. If it's good use it.

Conversion tracking.
Paid placement keyword conversion. Tracking incoming traffic, click throughs and sales conversions.

Good, clean, usable web site design.
Get to the point. Call to action. Write good copy. Make it clean.

Content creation.
Create good content. There's no better reason for people to link to you than to have good content.

E-mail marketing.
Use e-mail marketing. Easier said than done. Building, a good opt-in email list is a way to make a long-term revenue stream.

Write valuable content and send it out your e-mail list. Build credibility. Build a relationship.


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