Monday, July 04, 2005

So what makes a great sales letter.

One of the key features of a great sales are testimonials. Throughout your sales page you should scatter testimonials. Don't let the web page scroll without at least one testimonial showing.

Before people read your sales page, they are already not sold. It's important not to reinforce any sort of negative message in your content of your sales page. Assure your customer that they're making a good decision, it's important that a customer feels their are on the right track.

Iterate your unique selling proposition. Your unique selling proposition is the one key thing that separates you from the pack. What is it about you, your product or your service that is unique. What can you say that no one else can.

As part of your sales letter, you should offer a mini-course. This course should be 5 to 8 parts long and be delivered by e-mail. What you are really trying to accomplish here, is to get the customer to receive follow-up messages from you over time re-emphasizing the value of your product. Also, over time as these emails are sent, you are building a relationship, you are building credibility as a knowledgeable expert.

Start out by being conversational, you want your customer to know that you're a real person, establish a repertoire with your customer.

Build value in the results the customer will receive by using your product. Paint a pretty picture for the them of the future and what it will be like after having used your product. It's important to use visualization while doing this to make sure that you're painting a picture in their mind. A beautiful picture.

Talk about the hard alternatives to your product. Talk about what it's like not to use your product, and the pain involved. Talk about when they fail and how painful that will be. Paint a picture in their mind of their failure and what will be like having not use your product.

Introduce your product as the Superman, who will save the day. Show them that your product is painless, simple, easy to use and effective.

Reiterate your unique selling proposition.

Go through several what if scenarios and talk about the product. Imagine different scenarios where people want to use your product. Describe how easy it is to be in their shoes using your product. Follow up each scenario with a testimonial.

Call to action. Ask for the sale.

Add credibility that your product is not some type of half-ass product. Take away the customer's vision of what they think your product is. Take away their vision of what they think your product might be like. Leave them wondering and take them out of their safety zone to were they don't have a clue. All the things they thought were true, now are not.

Establish rapport, build credibility through stories, analogies, etc. to describe a problem space in generic terms. Don't use specifics about your particular product, but the problem space in general. Tell a simple story from history about the problem space.

Identify common problems in the problem space. Tell how your product steps up to these challenges.

List your products benefits as bulleted points. Focus on what the customer will receive out of using your product. Don't focus on the features of your product. Focus on the benefits for the customer.

Create a summary paragraph about your product. Within this paragraph, ask for the sale once again.

Break down the cost question. Establish what the alternatives are to your product. Preferably there aren't any alternatives to your product. Preferably, you're comparing higher-priced products or services. You want to show that your product has true value, as compared to using the alternatives. Preferably, you're comparing things like consulting services to your information product. Consulting services can be incredibly expensive, it makes for an easy comparison to the value of your product. For example, if you charge $4000 a day for a seminar and you charge $300 for your information product. You're showing incredible value if the information received is the same.

So now that you've established that your product has value, why is it so inexpensive. We iterate to the customer that they're buying directly from the manufacturer, there is no inventory, there is no fulfillment calls, and there is no middlemen.

Offer free bonuses. When all things are equal, free bonuses when. Stress with your customer the sense of urgency, they need to act now. For example, order before midnight. The price is going up.

Your product needs a 100% guarantee. Let the customer keep the free bonuses. There's absolutely no risk for the customer and making this decision. All for a 100% money-back guarantee. Tell the customer how it is easy to claim this guarantee.

Stress the sense of urgency. This offer is so good it can't be refused. They can't afford not to do this. This is the best decision they could ever make.

Call to action. Ask for the sale.

Tell the customer the product is available right now. The product can easily be obtained within the next 30 minutes. Restate your unique selling proposition. The customer needs to quarter down to gain instant access.

All for easy ways for them to pay. A customer who can't pay can't be your customer.


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