Thursday, June 30, 2005

What is Internet marketing?

Build a real web site over time. Get people to link to you.

Pay per click.
Leverage keyword pay per click by using services like adwords.

Link Building and Link popularity.
Find like-minded individuals who you can trade links with. Try to get them a link to you and you will link to them in return. Primarily get them to link to you. Did I mention get them to link to you.

Paid inclusion.
What the heck, go ahead, pay your money and get in the index

XML feeds. Trusted feeds. Paid inclusion feeds.
Get lots of pages in the search engine using these feeds.

Google's XML feed.
Send a large number of pages to Google's new XML feed. This may also get you banned, but what the heck. I don't personally believe that this is a good idea, but I know a lot of people on the Internet are promoting it right now.

RSS XML feed
Find ways to insert your web site link into blog feeds. Get traffic to your web site by inserting your link into good content.

Comment on forums. Reference your web site. Use your web site in your signature to responses.

Comment on blogs. Reference your web site. Use your web site in your signature to responses.

Press releases
Toot, your own horn. Tell others about you and your products. Use press release services and send your press release to news and media outlets. Make sure you include a link to your web site. Links from credible sources to your web site will increase its popularity.

Write meaningful content and give it away to others so they can put it on their web site as long as they mention that you wrote the article and provide a link to your web site. Make sure you include a link to your web site. Links from credible sources to your web site will increase its popularity.

Get listed in the DMOZ and other directories

SEO copywriting.
Write good copy that reflects keywords you are trying to target.

Affiliate marketing.
Create your own affiliate marketing program. Have people link to your web site. Store their affiliate ID in a cookie. Use 301 redirects to redirect them to your homepage. Google will think a 301 redirect is a permanent link to your homepage

Sales letters.
Study great sales copy. Create a swap file. Swap swap swap. If it's good use it.

Conversion tracking.
Paid placement keyword conversion. Tracking incoming traffic, click throughs and sales conversions.

Good, clean, usable web site design.
Get to the point. Call to action. Write good copy. Make it clean.

Content creation.
Create good content. There's no better reason for people to link to you than to have good content.

E-mail marketing.
Use e-mail marketing. Easier said than done. Building, a good opt-in email list is a way to make a long-term revenue stream.

Write valuable content and send it out your e-mail list. Build credibility. Build a relationship.

Increasing your sales ratio!

Use the popular one-page sales letter strategy. Sales letters work. Sales letters target specifically to your market and cut out all the nonsense. Search the Web and find several styles of one page sales letters. Use them as reference add them to your swap file.

Look for individual partner web sites. Getting traffic from web sites that relate to what you're trying to sell is much better than using paid placement for example. Although paid placement can be very effective, traffic from like-minded web sites can produce higher sales ratios.

Make sure that when you're trying to sell you always have a call to action. Tell the interested party exactly what they need to do.

Try split testing. Try matching different marketing messages to your Internet traffic. Take two different messages that are very close to what you're trying to you use and change them just a little. Measure the response ratio between each of the two messages. Go with a higher response ratio.

Stay away from producing professional looking web pages. Marketing slicks aren't for selling on the Internet. People actually value your content less, if you try to oversell it by glamourizing it.

Go with the good domain name. Domain names get higher ranking in search engines when the keywords searched for are included in the new domain name. Also look at increasing the keyword relevance of your machine names and subdomain names. Also look it including the keyword search for in your page name and subdirectory names.

Measure measure measure. Always measure and test everything.

Use good clean design. Don't be too distracting. Don't have too many things going on your web site in any one time. Make sure that the focus that you're trying to achieve is obvious.

Pay special attention to the writing, grammar, spelling and word choice and everything to do with the professionalism of your copy. Study good copy. Study sells copy. Study sells letters.

Entice folks to join your e-mail marketing list. Offer them something for their e-mail address. Market to them, give them a reason to buy. Establish credibility. Build a long term revenue stream.

Is being an affiliate for company, a total waste of time and money?

Absolutely not! Being affiliate is probably the best thing you could be doing right now the Internet.

1. At any one time, there are lots of people on the Internet making money with affiliate programs.
2. Some affiliate programs allow you to earn residual income.
3. Some affiliate programs credit you with all future sales from people you refer.
4. Statistics show that 95% of affiliates don’t make money. The reason that most affiliates don't make any money on the Internet is because they don't do anything.

There is considerable amount of work involved in creating a product. Affiliates can earn a huge amount of money without worrying about the hassles of products like creating the product, taking orders and fulfillment of the orders.

One of the best ways to learn about Internet affiliate marketing is just to get out there and do it. It is highly important that as an affiliate, you figure out ways to earn residual income from the users that find your web site. One way that you can do this, is to create an email opt-in list.

To create your email opt-in list, you will need to offer something of value. For example a newsletter. This may not make you a lot of money in the short run. But, it can make you a lot in the long run.

One special tactic, used by affiliate marketers is the inclusion of extra bonuses during the sale. If five people on the Internet are selling the exact same product. And one of these people includes extra bonuses that aren't available with any of the other offers. People, we'll go to the one who offers the extra bonuses.

It is also highly important that as an affiliate. You also consider the possibility of creating your own products and offering them on your affiliate web site. The combination of promoting other people's products and also promoting your own will generate much higher revenues for you.

It is not uncommon for people on the Internet to make $10,000 or more per month, promoting Internet affiliate marketing programs.

Internet affiliate marketing is not a freebie. It is very important that you know how to market on the Internet and learn from others. I would highly recommend that you purchased several Internet marketing products, E-books and training packages that teach you the ways in the Internet affiliate marketer.

With that said. There are ways to make money on the Internet without knowing a lot about Internet affiliate marketing.

There are ways to trick the search engines to thinking that you have lots of new fresh, relevant content on topic to the keywords that people are searching for.

Using these strategies, you will have the search engine spiders spidering your web site endlessly adding content into their database.

What this does is it creates a lot of pages in the search engines related to specific keywords that you are trying to promote. If you have 100,000 pages related to the topic that your affiliate marketing program relates to, you will get a lot of Internet traffic to your web site. All you need to do is get the users off of your web site on to your affiliate web site and you will make money.

It is a simple numbers game. The more people, you get from Internet search engines. The more people, you get for your web site and the more people who eventually by the affiliate product. The more money you will make.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Creating original content through web mining

There are quite a few products out there that artificially inflate your web site content through the use of stealing stories from others who publish RSS feeds.

The basic idea is to find several RSS feeds, based on keywords, match the content that you are trying to create. Download their RSS feed and steal their stories to put on your web site.

It's easy to read RSS and post it to a blog. For example blogger gives you the option of sending stories to your blog through email. So it would be very easy to write a program to read several RSS feeds, filter the stories and send emails to your blog with the contents.

But that's for lame asses who can't create any original content. They are counting on getting high search engine rankings because they have alot of on topic content that changes frequently. It's a desperate attempt to get lots of pages in the search engines.

Alot of these programs sell you on the concept of timed postings. Which would appear to freshen your blog content even when you are on vacation. You can schedule stories weeks in advance and have them posted at timed intervals to your blog.

Any way you cut it, it's still stealing. You could call it stealing on a schedule if you want. But it's still stealing.

What I think is a better idea is the creation of content based on building a knowledge base around a topic. If you have a program that will search the Internet for stories, you can parse the stories into individual sentences. Parsing the sentences further into parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc...) and mapping the relationships between the parts of speech will allow you to build a fact table.

For example, if I were to build a program that searched all the major news markets, for stories on the recent headline of the week. I bet you would find that there are plenty of similarities in the fact tables you would be able to build. The Who, What, When, Where, How and Why would probably all be refected in the stories. Using the fact tables and the relevance of the web site source. i.e. CNN would out rank Bob's news. You could build a structure of words and phrases that establish facts.

When you receive 3 unique sources, all credible I would hope. You could determine this type of fact out weights other facts that maybe only have 1 unique source.

Using the knowledge base of facts all related around a topic of interest, you could create a program that could summarize and create unique paragraphs based on the facts. Which would appear as unique content that is original.

For some time I have thought about creating such a program that would read RSS feeds and filter them based on keyword relavance in the posts. Once I had the text, I would parse it using some type of english language part of speech tagger to determine nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc... All of which would be built into hyperbolic trees of keyword associations, based on the credibility of the source (easily determinable by inbound links and such). After that, I would add in intelligence like word synonyms using a thesaurus and part of speech learning using a dictionary and sentence structure.

Once you have something like this, you would need to create a program like the nonsense generator, that would create a unique template for how you would want your stories to appear. In no time flat, you could create hugh amounts of original content that is not stolen and in fact meets some ethical standard of source notation and value.


Monday, June 27, 2005

Make Easy Money with Google : Using the AdSense Advertising Program

I just got through reading "Make Easy Money with Google : Using the AdSense Advertising Program" by Eric Giguere. It is a book geared toward folks who want to make a little money on the Internet. Ah, the American dream. The book is great. It does a good job of working through hard to describe topics like web site domains, subdomains and machine names. It's a great motivational book for folks who think making money on the Internet is impossible, it shows you it can be done.